Just as self-discipline is the key to success, the lack of self-discipline is the major cause of failure, frustration,under-achievement and unhappiness in life. It cause us to make excuse and sell ourselves short.

Perhaps the two biggest enemies of success, happiness and personal fulfillment, are are first the the path of least resistance and second, the Expediency factor.

The path of Least Resistance is what cause people to take the the easy way in almost every situation. They seek shortcut to everything. They arrive at work the last minute and leave at first opportunity. They look for get- rich-quick schemes and easy. Over time, they develop the habit of always seeking an easier, faster way to get the thing they want rather than doing what hard but necessary to achieve real success.

The Expediency factor, which is an extension of the law of least resistance, is even worst when leading people to failure an under-achievement. This principle says, “people invariably seek the faster and easiest way to get the things they want, right now, with little or no concern for the long-term consequences of their behaviors”in other words, most people do what is expedient, what is fun and easy rather that what is necessary for success.

Every day, and every minute of every day, there is a battle going on inside of you between doing what is right, hard, and necessary (like the angel on one shoulder) or doing what is fun, easy, and of little or no value (like the devil😈 on your shoulder). Every minute of every day, you most fight and win the battle with the Expediency factor and resist the pull of path of least Resistance if you truly desire to become everything you are capable of becoming. I hope you learn alot on this?


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