You want to be creative??? Look at this 10 APPS.

You want to be creative??? Look at this 10 APPS.

If you’re looking to become really creative and you need some source of inspiration, i’ve put this article together for you to get ideas from all over so you never run out of inspiration.
01. Behance –


This is a part of the Adobe family, it is one of the leading online platforms where designers everywhere can showcase & discover creative work. It is more or less an online hub where you can find original works and also share yours with the creative communities around the globe.

02. Dribble –


Dribbble is an app where some of the best designers and creatives in the world showcase their work. You can share pictures of your current projects, promote and explore designs from creatives around the world.

03. DeviantArt –


DeviantArt is also an online artist community where you can showcase your artworks and photography. It is a very impressive and friendly app to use and find inspiration from.

04. Medium –


Medium is “THE PLACE” to read articles online. It is a blogging platform like WordPress and It is very easy to use, friendly and really impressive when you get to spend some time using it.

[Fun fact – It was made by the guys behind “Twitter”.]

05. Ello –


This was created in march 2014. It is an online social networking platform where you can find contents on art, photography, fashion and lots more. Moreso it is ad-free.

06. Unsplash –


This is an impressive app for finding stock images from a large community of photographers that are willing to license out their photos for free. You can search for all kinds of images on this platform.

07. Pinterest –


Now this app is one of my personal favourites. It’s an online social community where you can find ideas, recipes, style inspirations and lots more. It’s got billions of contents so you’ll always find something to inspire you. Moreso it is a very friendly app to use.

08. Vsco –


This is also an all time favourite app to me. It helps in photo editing majorly and it has an online community where you can share photos and also see works from other really creative people around you and beyond.

09. Instagram –


This is definately one of this most popular apps of modern time. Instagram is an online social networking app and it’s an entirely visual platform. It enables you to share photos and videos to an audience or in other words, the entire world. It is a very friendly app to use.

10. Youtube –


I don’t think there is anything i can say about this app that we all don’t already know, this is “THE HUB” for whatever you want to find on the internet. It can be fun, inspiration, anything you want, you’ll definately find that there.

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