With Bitter Kola and Onion recipe You Can Get Rid of ‘Pile’ Faster (See How To)

Hemorrhoids, known as “hemorrhoids”, are intensified varicose veins, which expand and break slightly in the anal area, and are often accompanied by intense itching and throbbing pain:

It usually comes out at the time of the bowel movement. Symptoms are accidental and can be easily noticed.

Examples are anal itching, pain while sitting for long periods of time, bleeding with stools.

Usually, the hemorrhoids strike for a few days and the symptoms go away.

Here are some effective treatments for hemorrhoids.

1) Tea to drink in the morning, afternoon and evening.


2 Small bitter kola

2 purple onions

3 liters of water


Blend the bitter kola and cut the onion into slices.

Add 3 liters of water to the pot.

Leave on low for 30 minutes.


Drink morning, afternoon and evening until the end.

2. Second treatment


6 garlic cloves

Mango leaves and mango peel

4 liters of water


Wash the garlic, do not peel it, and place in the pan.

Add the mango leaves and the mango peel and add 4 liters of water.

Let it sit on low heat for 30 minutes.

Cool and drink in the morning, noon and evening for 3 weeks.

3. treatment


Take 3 garlic cloves mixed with palm oil and apply regularly to the anus, especially after using the bathroom.

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