Why your car consume much fuel.

Why your car consume much fuel.

There are habits that do cause your car to lose fuel quickly or should I say, mileage.







As its owner, it is needful for you to recognize and monitor your vehicle and know what will limit its efficiency.




In this article, I will give you a few habits that makes your car consume fuel. There are quite a number of these habits but to mention a few and this are:


1. Operating on the wrong gear.




If you are one who does not pay attention to his engine, you will definitely be wasting fuel. It is advised that if your automobile operates on manual transmission (strict shift) make it a thing of certainty to use the appropriate gear.




Your engine will work harder if are pulling heavy loads and you are not using a lower gear.




It does not stop there; when in motion, on faster speeds, use a higher gear. If you disobey your engine when it cries, you might not escape wasting your fuel.




2. Rough driving.


For clarity, permit me to break it down further; when I say rough driving I mean, making a sharp and too quick acceleration, driving too fast, making a sharp stop.




These habits are bad; your fuel must be consumed because of these. Learn to accelerate slowly; it is important. Travel with the speed of traffic also.




Being that It Is bad to make your stops too sharp, give yourself space between your car and that of the person ahead of you so that you will have the opportunity to step on your break slowly and not slam in the car ahead.




3. Keeping the car on and idle



One might say “what does this have to do with anything” but trust me it consumes your fuel. If you can put it off in a place you find yourself please do. Unnecessary wear and tear can be avoided by this.




4. Poor oiling.



If you are sluggish to change oil according to the manufacturer’s ordained intervals you will lose fuel because the oid oil will not do you good.Note,change engine oil every 3week



5. Weak spark plugs, air filters, oxygen sensors…



You might be wandering how do these have anything to do with your fuel consumption, but you can trust that if they are not clean and working fine you will lose fuel. note always change your plug every 2month




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