Why You Should Avoid Writing Down When You Are Answering Call

Best way to capture your message or number from your caller when you’re on call is through call Recording not writing when answering.

This has been a big challenge for many people including me, when I have not discovered the simple trick. It is not only simple for you, but as well save cost for your caller or for you if you are the caller. You will understand with me that your message or information is terminated when you didn’t see pen to write it down when your caller is calling the number or giving you the information. You have know reason than to postpone the call till you lay your hands on pen and paper.

The reason why your phone has call recording feature is not for beautification, but for recording an important information like that, in other to obtain the main feature of a good information which is “accuracy” from the sender. So instead of running up and down looking for pen and paper you did not have, just

Click on your call recording icon while you are answering the call.

Save the record after answering your call.

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