Why Motivation is Crucial for the Continuation of your Fitness Routine

Disclose us if this sounds familiar; it’s 6 am in the morning and you wake up to the sound of your screaming alarm. You jolt up and realize it’s still dark outside but you have to get up if you want to get the exercise done you prepared yourself the entire night for. You roll your eyes and lie back down groaning, procrastinating and thinking of every excuse in the world to not get up and begin your day.

If this reminds you of your how your day usually begins then don’t worry, this is the story of every beginner, regular and professional sportsperson. Whether tomorrow is your first day of the gym, or you exercise 4 days a week, or even if you are a buffed trainer at a renowned gym, you are bound to face the dilemma of waking up every day in order to physically push your body to do hard work. However, why should that just be true for exercising? Isn’t that true for almost every occupation and task in the world? Don’t we as humans at first seek ways of escaping situations that compel us to do things out of our comfort zones? Even parents dread waking up in the middle of the night to tend to their infant babies! But what is it that keeps us going and still completing all our tasks? It’s motivation. Everything that is done in this world is done with motivation!

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But don’t worry! We realize how just saying that is not enough! It can still be a real struggle to keep yourself motivated to exercise. While for many it comes easily, or many create reasons to keep themselves encouraged, we are here today to tell you exactly why motivation is crucial for the continuity of your fitness routine!

1. You started something great! See it till the end!

Not a lot of thought goes into the effort a person puts in when they start something new. It requires a lot of planning, preparation and lastly inspiration. When you as person decide to start something new and create a new goal for yourself, then that’s a sign of maturity and growth. You want to see a better version of yourself. However, what happens when you don’t go through with what you have planned, and instead you make excuses to avoid your new set objectives? You are instead met with a wave of guilt and your heart sinks thinking of the time you wasted with all the planning. And not to forget the fresh wave of motivation you will need to gather to start another day.

Hence when you do plan to lead a healthier life by incorporating exercise in your life then see this new challenge through. Don’t keep yourself from growing and evolving into a better person. It will not only keep your physically fresh but also give you a mental and emotional boost of finishing something you started all by yourself!

2. Results don’t show overnight

As much as we wish that we got that flat stomach by doing 2 sets of crunches, unfortunately that’s not how it works. Nothing is achieved over night. You need to put in a lot of hard work and you need to be persistent with your work as well. So, we suggest keep a realistic goal that you want to achieve with your fitness regime and just follow it through. Even a few minutes of a quick cardio should be enough to help you stay active for the day.

3. Build your Character

We have already talked about staying motivated as a sign of maturity. However when you focus on a self-created goal for yourself then that means you will train your mind to listen to what is good for you rather than acting on primitive feelings. Every day when you decide to follow through your plan your body sends a positive energy throughout your body that helps you believe in yourself and your ability to get work done.

Regularly exercising, and most essentially regularly motivating yourself to continue to exercising will let you believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Try to see exercising not just a way of improving how you look physically but also how feel emotionally and mentally. Getting over smaller struggles of your day will help you get through bigger struggles of your day. So, start a fresh every morning and allow yourself to feel encouraged throughout the day.

4. You can be the reason to motivate someone else

Our actions have a bigger impact on other people. May be when you decide to wake up early every morning, your partner wants to wake up with you too. And may be when your brother sees that you’re getting into shape by just dedicated a few minutes of the day to yourself and your body that he also wants to join you for that evening run! Perhaps the day your friend doesn’t want to wake up for your yoga class that your attendance and willingness will prompt her to wear those yoga pants and head out the door! It’s always good for the soul to realize you help someone achieve their goals. Why would you want to take that satisfaction away from yourself when you can get it by just following a routine that leads to a healthier lifestyle?

5. End Results

The day is finally here! The day you dreamt of! The day you worked so hard for! It could be anything. Maybe you finally fit in your favorite jeans. Or you can finally make that hike without losing your breath every few minutes. Your goal could be anything, but the feeling will be the same for everyone! That ecstatic feeling that washes over you as you stand triumphed in front of your mirror, eyeing yourself with pride! And you finally realize, all that effort was actually worth it!

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