Whenever you plug your phone, follow these instructions for fast charging

Are you tired of waiting for too long before your phone fully charge? Then this article is for you. Just pay full attention and carefully follow the below instructions.

1. Put your phone in airplane mode.

I have used this method and it worked perfectly for me, I’ll also advice you do the same. Make sure you put your phone in airplane mode whenever you want to charge your phone, it will make your phone charge fast.

2. Switch off your mobile data.

When your mobile data is on, it won’t allow your phone to charge quickly. So whenever you want to charge your phone, make sure your data is off if you want to charge your phone fast.

3. Reduce the volume of your phone.

Our phones are always on volume up, and this doesn’t make our phone charge fast. Whenever you want to charge make sure you reduce the volume or put your phone in silent.

4. Always reduce the brightness of your phone.

When you increase the brightness of your phone, it makes your phone battery exhaust quickly. So make sure you try to reduce your brightness whenever you’re charging your phone.

5. Switch it off.

To avoid pressing your phone which will make it charge slow, just switch it off. When it is on, it will take a lot of time before it charge.

Make sure you follow these steps and you will see a good result.

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