What causes bad breath(halitosis)


What causes bad breath(halitosis)

Tobacco: Taking of tobacco or tobacco products can cause mouth odor. Tobacco gives the mouth a particular odor which is offensive and leads to bad breath.

Food: Some food such as garlic and ginger can cause bad breath. Some food particles may get stuck in-between the teeth and after some days can lead to mouth odor.

Dry mouth: Staying for too long without eating (fasting), talking or drinking anything can cause odor. If the mouth is dry naturally or as a result of disease can lead to mouth odor.

Dental hygiene: Regular brushing and removing food/plague from the teeth using dental floss helps eliminate food particles in-between the teeth and gum that breaks down to produce odor. There will be an accumulation of biofilm or bacteria on the teeth if the teeth are not properly and regularly brushed and this can cause halitosis.

Drugs: Some drugs can cause dryness of the mouth by reducing saliva thereby causing odors. Certain drugs break down and release chemicals that can cause bad breath. For example, some drugs which contain nitrate acid and vitamin supplements and are taken in large quantities can lead to bad breath.

Diseases : some diseases such as liver failure, diabetes, cancer that produce chemicals/ acids in the body can in turn lead to bad breath/ halitosis.

Ketones: When diabetes patients have a low level of insulin. Their body then uses stored fats because it can no longer use sugar which leads to the production of ketones. Large quantities of ketones can be poisonous and produce unpleasant breath odor. Stooling, vomiting, and bowel obstruction for a very long period can make breathe smell.

Bronchiectasis: This is a situation whereby airways become wider than normal which leads to the buildup of mucus. This mucus leads to bad breath. This is a long term condition of halitosis.

Mouth, nose, and throat infection: Infection can cause bad breath also.

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