What a young girl did to a thief that tried to steal her phone (Photos)

Stealing is bad and I’m totally against it, but if ever you had the urge to steal, avoid trained martial art students or you’ll end up like the thief in this article.

This happened in Brazil on the 17th of November. A thief jumped off a bike and tried to steal a girl’s phone, unknown to him that the girl is a martial arts student. As expected, he regretted immediately.

Reports claimed that two thieves rode on a bike and stopped at Sabrina’s front. One of them, an 18 years old boy, jumped off the bike and asked Sabrina to hand over her phone. Did Sabrina give him the phone? Ofcourse not. Instead, She raised her voice at the thief and he ran away. Did Sabrina let him run off? No. She chased after him, wrestled him down and locked his arm in a bar move.

Sabrina skills were so amazing that the thief screamed and cried on the floor as Sabrina threatened to break his arm. While still on the floor, Sabrina questioned the thief and each time he responded wrongly, Sabrina will increase the pressure on his arm, sending agonizing pains through the thief’s bones.

This went on for about 20 minutes before the police showed up. Talk about girl power!

Sabrina told media that she attacked him because he was unarmed. “I saw they didn’t have anything and that’s why I reacted. If they had been armed I would never have reacted”

“(He was running away) then I ran and immobilised him with a sleeper hold, I lay on the ground and put him in an arm lock.” – she told media.

The 18 years old thief was arrested after ironically being man-handled by a 22 years old girl.

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