Video: Long living snake pulled out from woman’s stomach by doctors, terrifying video linked in article.

The video you’re about to see left me speechless and will leave you terrified. There aren’t many things that scare me any more however this video brought a whole list of new fears to light for me and made me more cautious as I went to sleep last night.

The video originally posted by the Facebook group MedSchoolPosts shows a women being worked on by doctors. In the video the doctors pull out a large snake claimed to be 4 feet long (120 Centimeters).

The incident took place in an area called Dagestan in Russia when the women was sleeping in her yard. When she felt sick she went to the doctor and they realised there was an unidentified object inside her stomach. The women said she could feel it moving around when she was awake. Apparently the snake had crawled down her throat and into her stomach while she was awake.

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In the video you can see the medical team grip the snake and pull it out of the women’s body while it is still alive as the sight shocks the nurses around her. This sight is not something you see everyday and it’s something that chilled and scared me to the core, tell me what you think and please follow for more news as it releases.

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