Understanding the true meaning of prosperity

Money should purchase all types of vitamins, medication and best medical treatment however not Health;

Understanding the true meaning of prosperity

oney should purchase a house however not a Home;

Money should purchase a good looking bed however not Sleep;

Money should purchase all types of vitamins, medication and best medical treatment however not Health;

Money should purchase fellowship however not Friendships;

Money should purchase influence however not Respect; etc.

Hence it’s therefore clear that the “intangibles” in life that really outline life, can’t be bought with cash or through money prosperity. With this being the case, it’s evident that “wealth and prosperity” don’t seem to be outlined by possession of finances alone. thence this begs the question, “what is prosperity all about?” so as to grasp what being prosperous really is, we’d like to dispel some misconceptions and myths encompassing it. Living so as “to reach a destination” wherever prosperity thinks about, is one in every of the nice myths that human beings has been subjected to, that had robbed a lot of really enjoying life. Our pursuits in life will blind North American nation if we have a tendency to don’t check ourselves and appreciate what really defines life. solely and only if we have a tendency to square measure really enlightened on what defines living in prosperity, will we have a tendency to then endeavour to take a position in what’s really important and necessary to our lives. A causal agent that has been set in situ almost like that of gravity being a physical principle is, “we will solely reap what we have a tendency to sow”. thence while not associate investment, there’s no come in something, during this life. The “if solely dis-ease” if I will place it this fashion, has infested North American nation for generations and had command North American nation enslaved to the purpose that such a big amount of square measure resigned to the very fact that “If solely this or If solely that” happens, then and solely then I are often “truly” happy or deemed prosperous. Here is that the truth that we’d like to grasp and realise deep inside North American nation if we have a tendency to square measure to measure in prosperity, which is, “prosperity isn’t a destination” however “a revelation arising from a truth encounter.” A revelation of seeing the goodness encompassing North American nation and being glad daily for these whereas on the journey of life. This goodness contains of such a big amount of things that square measure obvious and “in our face” however square measure simply neglected or unsighted towards, like having a decent family, physiological state, healthy youngsters, sensible relationships, sensible colleagues etc. These “truth encounters” will come back through the subsequent means:


Personal experiences in life that disclose associate inner dimension of realisation or associate arousal, thence we’ve got all bump into people that have obtained such associate enlightenment once they are on their hospital beds or have undergone some personal traumatic experience;

By keen observation of the experiences of these around them whom we have a tendency to square measure near to, that is associate “up-close encounter”, or finally through;

Spiritual impartations;

The natural disposition and tendency of humans is to deplore and groan because it were, of the “emptiness found in an exceedingly half-filled cup” instead of being glad and grateful for the “FULLNESS of the half-filled cup” Such a disposition has unbroken North American nation disgruntled all the times of our lives albeit enclosed by several sensible and blessed aspects of life around North American nation. In short, it’s really robbed such a big amount of people so much too long of living in prosperity! thence however then will we have a tendency to transcend into living a prosperous life here and currently, not sometime somewhere? Here then square measure some recommended {ways|ways that|ways in that} and suggests that which we are able to sleep in a state of prosperity in any respect times:


Recognize, accept, attribute and receive the reality that prosperity isn’t concerning tangible money wealth however concerning realising the wealth within the intangibles of life like healthy relationships, healthy bodies, sensible families, peaceful lives, even atmospheric condition, clean air, clean water, abundance to eat etc;

Cultivate a habit and a natural disposition of thanksgiving and being grateful for the nice things we’ve got. this could take time on condition that it’s a “re-programming” exercise of our minds and our wills. A grateful heart that may be abounding in thanksgiving is a heart that invitations peace and rests into it. it’s a robust cure against depression and sense of hopelessness;

Sow or Invest in those things that helps propagate healthy relationships, healthy bodies, healthy homes etc;


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