Top 10 African Countries Who Drink Alcohol the Most

Last updated on January 8, 2021

Alcohol consumption is on the rise in Africa, but it is not known how those figures were calculated. Given the statistical evidence, it is concluded that most African countries consume more alcohol than other countries in the world. With the rise of making and importing alcohol, the United States has been experiencing an increase in alcohol demand.

It is easy to see that everyone knows the bad effects of consuming alcohol, but still some people find it appropriate to take it. The World Health Organisation and governments have become more aware of the harms of alcohol consumption. Despite this, the number of people who use this product is still increasing. Low sperm count, chromosome problem, liver problems, heart problems are some of the symptoms following head injuries.

So we will talk about the effects of alcohol a little in our second article but first, we are going to look at the top African countries that are the most likely to drink alcohol. Many countries you would never expect to negotiate as badly as they did were included in the list of countries the negotiate the most poorly.

As a reminder, it is very poor for countries to be classified on this list, which are perceived to be the worst in the world.

Below this article, there were some comments on this list. As a result of this, some were ashamed their country was on the list, while others were not disappointed their country was on this list. Check out the answers below.



















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