This Woman Saved a Man’s Life After He Had a Heart Attack on Their First Date

First dates are tough enough, but one couple’s first outing turned into an unexpected medical emergency. Max Montgomery, a 56-year-old man, was paddle boarding on a first date with Andi Traynor in Santa Cruz, California, when he felt an unusual burning sensation in his chest. After pulling himself out of the water, Montgomery collapsed onto the sand; he was having a heart attack. Traynor, a doctor, immediately came to his rescue, performing CPR to save his life.

Montgomery and Traynor are sharing their story to bring attention to life-saving CPR, turning their first-date trauma into a cause. They’re the brains behind a CPR workshop program that’s part of Montgomery’s nonprofit, Paddle4Good, of which Traynor is a board member.

In an interview with Today, Montgomery revealed that heart disease runs in his family. His grandfather and aunt both died of heart attacks, and his own father had an episode at 69. That being said, Montgomery leads an active lifestyle, is an avid runner, surfer, and paddler, and shared that he even ran 10.4 miles the night before his heart attack.

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