This teacher was dragged for disrupting learners with her inappropriate attire

Last updated on January 8, 2021

Now I understand why kids fail at school… I wouldn’t be shocked if the Matric results would drop. they just gonna have to walk out of your class with a school bag infront if their pants , the only question I have… Since a picture is supposed to tell a thousand tales what’s the majority read here?

I’m appalled by the way u conduct yourself… Your Principal should really develop a Teacher’s code of conduct

how do u expect the boy child to concentrate?

the system never loved the boy child. All these people complaining about her dress code….. if it was a slender lady with no curves bekuzoba right neh? Sanudika. Even if she can wear a pencil skirt and a blouse she’ll still be hot..


Even if she was slender this dress code would still be inappropriate. This is a classroom not a tavern, bar, restaurant.

Ethics and code of conduct, SACE intervene pls. I’m a teacher myself but I can’t go to work like this. Its a big no. You are killing this generation you are not building



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