This is how to activate your brain for high performance

This is how to activate your brain for high performance.

What if your brain could make you unstoppable? Would you give your mind everything it needs to thrive if you knew that it can unlock the best time of your life?

We abuse our brains. We load it up with sugar or lull it to sleep with alcohol. Or we fill our minds with so many television shows that he writes about all the information that could change our lives.

As I write this article, I feel on fire. My mind has helped me discover powerful possibilities in recent weeks. The last year’s version of what was possible has been replaced by my mind with a new idea: “You are starting.”


There are so many opportunities that we are blind. Your brain helps shed light on these opportunities. You have to allow your brain to see opportunities. How? Enable your brain for high performance with these simple tricks.


Rewire your brain


To allow your brain to function well, you must first understand that your brain can change radically. The way you see the world is not fixed.

I went from having an extreme mental illness and a mind that destroyed my goals to the opposite, believing that anything is possible. You can too. How?

I went to a live event that introduced me to the simple concept of neuroplasticity. Your brain can be completely reconfigured and transformed.

Medical explanation of neuroplasticity: “It refers to the physiological changes in the brain that occur as a result of our interactions with our environment. From the moment the brain begins to develop in the womb, until the day we die, the connections between the cells in our brain are rearranged in response to our changing needs. This dynamic process allows us to learn and adapt to different experiences. ”

Everything you thought about last year can be overwritten.

New connections can form in your brain that says your old world view was wrong and you are completely fine.

Your brain can change itself whether you like it or not. Why not make your brain change to support your goals? The way you think and the connections in your mind become stronger or weaker depending on the parts of your brain that are being used.

Neuroplasticity is the “muscle development” part of the brain – Brainworks

How to do it: open your mind. Consider new ideas. Get new experiences that old ones that you would have rejected, experiences like the ones that scare you. Your brain will reconfigure itself in the process of having a new experience.


Find a stimulating brain job


If I gave you permission for tomorrow and could do whatever job you want and I’m going to pay you $ 20,000 regardless of the result, what job would you choose? That is the work that stimulates you.

For me, writing stimulates my brain. The key to stimulating your brain is to aim for a performance increase of between 1% and 5%. In writing, this translates to going from 2,000 words in a story to perhaps 2,100 words. The subtle change in production challenges his previous results. Your brain is slightly stimulated to exceed the above limits.

Stretching your brain with small increases in effort allows the work you love to push you further.

Many people have a regular job that they hate.

You change the performance of your mind when you look for a job that you like to do, that challenges you.

How to do it: Switching to a new type of job isn’t something you can always do right away. But you can start in your spare time. Pick a type of work that you can do for an hour a week and take advantage.


Get your mind a job in creating content


Content creation is a great way to challenge your mind. Content creation forces you to unleash your creativity and find ways to help others. The process unlocks much of the invisible potential that you may have been ignoring.

As you begin creating content for an audience, you reconfigure your brain to focus on others, rather than always focusing on yourself. The reason for waking up and starting work changes.

How to do it: Post videos, writings, audio, or pictures to the Internet 1-2 times a week. Let your mind wander and discover new ways to help. Kindness leads to high performance in any field.

A wandering mind leads to new and creative ideas – Melissa Burkley Ph.D.

Empty your brain before bed


Let your brain spin.


Writer Barry Davret reports that he slept soundly after a lifetime of bad sleep. His clever little trick was to write down his thoughts before bed. That way, he could pick up where he left off in the morning and sleep without worry.


How to do it: Create a page in your phone’s notes app and write down all your thoughts. Write the endless to-do lists and the people who bothered you today, in a safe place; its importance will be reduced tomorrow when you wake up with new ideas.


Automate the work of your brain


The world is automating jobs, why not automate your brain?


Use ecstasy


AKA flow states. Flow is automation for your brain. It allows you to lose yourself so much in a task that the concept of time seems to disappear and you end up doing the best job of your life. Flow is a drug to automate your brain.

Flow is addictive but not bad for you. You can never get enough flow, so don’t worry.

Once you find deep levels of flow, you will never forget it for the rest of your life.


Experience the euphoria of concert videos


I’ve used the feeling of euphoria to allow my brain to function well. When my brain feels incredible levels of happiness, it works differently. I have used the artificial invention of Youtube to achieve the euphoria. How?

I see moments of music concerts that transform my mind elsewhere. I see artists feel the joy of moving large numbers of people with their words and music. My favorite trick is finding a musician overwhelmed with emotion.

How to do it: Warm up with euphoric YouTube videos. Play binaural beats on a pair of wireless headphones, eliminate all distractions (like phones), and find a creative task you enjoy. Your brain will take over the work and you won’t even notice it.


Give your brain enough rest


Scientific research from the Sleep Foundation shows that 7 to 9 hours is optimal for an adult to recover from the battlefield of daytime activities and distractions.

Your brain cannot function properly when you are tired. Sleep is the most basic trick for better thinking, but many people neglect it.


Add naps for extra brain performance


Naps have helped me get more out of life. I take a nap once a day after lunch for 15 to 20 minutes. I feel fresh right after and it gives me what runners describe as a “second wind.”

A second wind is a phenomenon in long-distance racing in which a runner is out of breath and too tired to continue, and at one point, finds a boost of energy that allows them to complete the race with even a high level of performance.

The United States Naval Institute goes one step further and says:

Naps have been shown to decrease impulsivity and provide greater tolerance for frustration. They can increase productivity and mood, reduce stress, and improve memory and learning. ”

“In fact, brain activity stays high throughout the day with a nap; without one, it diminishes as the day progresses. A nap can have the same magnitude of benefits as a full night’s sleep. ”

How to do it: Find a chair at work, or use your bed if you’re working from home, for a little afternoon nap. Set your phone’s timer for the desired nap duration. Wake up refreshed and ready again for high performance.


Feed your brain with your favorite food


Energy is life. Energize your brain by giving it the food it was made for. Research from Harvard University School of Medicine says the following brain foods should be eaten:






Green leafy vegetables


Brain-loving omega-3 packed avocados


Love your brain with food.


Give your brain what it’s made of


75% of your brain is made of water. Give your brain more water throughout the day because that’s what it’s made of. Simple.


Drink coffee to reactivate your brain


Those bright sparks at Harvard also found that tea or coffee enables the better mental function. Coffee also helps solidify memories according to an experiment at John Hopkins University.

Fire up your brain with coffee and let it help you generate flow states.


Analyze your thoughts in 10 minutes


I used to use the Calm app to meditate and then I fell off the wagon. The global health crisis changed my routine and I lost the habit of meditating on the train on the way to work.

In the last week, I have rediscovered meditation by practicing it for 10 minutes a day in the morning.

The goal of meditation is for you to understand how crazy your mind is – Ayodeji Awosika

According to psychology writer Thomas Oppong, “Meditation can permanently reconfigure your brain to raise levels of happiness.” Meditation can also reduce stress, improve your concentration, stimulate working memory, reduce rumination, produce less emotional reactivity, and give you more cognitive flexibility. ”

One could argue that mindfulness is the best cliche way to improve your brain’s performance. It is recommended to death because it works.


Get your brain off a junk food diet


Watching endless consecutive seasons of a TV show is junk food for your brain. Learning the healthiest foods for the brain is reading.


Read your life.


Watch your thoughts, writing, and verbal communication improve. People complicate the reading too much and make it sound like an extreme sport for sea seals. Reading is just learning. It is healthy fuel for your brain.


Pick a weird topic to dig deeper


Learning for your mind is exercise. When your brain learns, it becomes stronger.

Train your brain using daily learning. The way to overcome resistance to start learning every day is to choose a topic that interests you. I like the themes of childhood.

As a child, I learned about the Titanic and listened to a band called the Beastie Boys. I used these triggers recently to dig into these two themes and see where they lead.

They took me back to childhood and then pushed me into the present moment again. I learned that much of what I studied as a child was false or incomplete. That discovery also happens with the topics I learned as an adult.

Use your curiosity to find a topic you can learn about to exercise your mind and strengthen it, to make you unstoppable.

Your potential is in your mind. Unlock these cheat codes for your mind and you will think about your way to better performance in life. It requires you to redesign what you already know about work and life, and embark on a journey toward an exploration of creativity, brain energy, and peace and quiet.

Think of life-changing thoughts allowing your brain to function well. You can be better than the thought of the last few years.


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