“This Boy Is Wicked” – See What This Boy Did That Almost Got Him Strangled By Two Men

Some young boys are naturally wicked, he might not be wicked, probably he is trying to test his knowledge or he is trying to make an experiment, yet, “please don’t kill him”.

A picture hits the internet lately, in the photos, a very young boys was seen been mal-handled by two grown up men. One was holding his hand very tight in an uncomfortable manner while the other was seen holding his neck as if he want to strangle him. This boys is too young to face such treatment, he is too innocent to be punished like that. I know what he did pains alot but “please don’t kill him”.

Kids of nowadays are unpredictable, once they heard of something, they might want to practicalise it and that is one of the reasons all parents musch look closely after their wards. If you tell a boy that a keg full of petrol will explode if he throws a lighted stick of matches in it, he might want to try it out one day, and even if he does and destroyed once property, that doesn’t means that one should kill him.

As per this boy, what he did is very bad, either it is a mistake or he did it intentionally, he deserves to be punished but “please don’t kill him”.

This innocent boy was caught placing nails on people’s car tyres at a shopping mall. He put the nail and smartly supported it with a bottle cover in such a a way that if the car move an inch, the nail will struck into the car will and damage the it. It may even cause accident if the driver is in horry and move the car too fast.

My major concern is that this boy left his home, took his bathe, brush his teeth, ate and dress up, then go to a shopping mall to plant nails to damage their car without knowing them or probably they offended him. Isn’t this worrisome?

I was thinking probably his father or uncle has a tyre pumping machine around the mall, and he is trying to get some business for his father or uncle. However, the boy is too young to be treated this way.

This boy is a perfect example of the phrase “young but wicked”.

What will you do if you caught him doing this to your car tyres?

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