The Evil Eye update Sunday 10 January 2021 Starlife

The Evil Eye 10 January 2021: The Evil Eye update Sunday 10th January 2021, Vedsheree says to Ansh that I knew you would bring Piya safely. She says to Piya that dont do anywhere now. Ansh looks around and asks why all things are broken? what happened? Vedsheree recalls Naman attacking them, she looks at Mohana who is tensed.

Sushant is in his office. He sees water on floor and says how water came here? what is happening with me? First I saw river and now water here, he touches water and sees his hand getting wet, he says I am not imagining it, what is happening with me? who is doing it?

Vedsheree tells truth to Ansh, she says we threw Ruby out. Ansh says you did right, she hurt my family. Neha says Vedsheree shot bullets like a hero and then Mohana took care of Naman, Vedsheree saved Mohana. Ansh thanks Vedsheree. He says sorry to Mohana and says there was danger there, I am sorry I didnt believe you.

Sushant looks around in his room and says there is nothing here. He sees water spilling from rack.

Ansh tells about Piya killing chudail. Piya says I had to kill her otherwise she would have killed me, I killed her with my knife. Mohana thinks that Dilruba cant die from knife.

Piya is in corridor, Ansh stops her and asks if she is fine? she says yes. Ansh says I dont know if our misunderstandings are cleared but you are my duty here, we will find your mother, he moves towards her but Mohana comes there and glares at Piya. She says to Ansh that Kajal is looking for you, Ansh asks Piya to tell him if she needs anything and leaves. Mohana stops Piya and says how you killed chudail? Piya says I am a devik, I killed her. Mohana says that chudail is powerful, how could you kill her? Piya says are you worried about my powers? let me tell you how I killed her.. she laughs like Dilruba and leaves.

The Evil Eye 10 January 2021: Fake Piya sees imli and starts eating it. She keeps collecting imli thrown on floor. Mohana comes there and stop her. Mohana is in her witch avatar, she says I knew chudail cant be killed by a knife, imli is chudail’s weakness, how are you Dilruba? She throws Piya from glass balcony. She turns to leave but Piya rises in sky and laughs at her. Dilruba takes her real avatar.

Sushant sees water spilling from a box, he opens it and finds newspaper in which Divya’s photo is shown. He says it means Divya is alive?

Ansh says to Vedsheree that Piya doesnt trust me still. Vedsheree says you are made for Piya, you are made to marry Piya. Ansh says I cant marry her, she is finding her mother. Vedsheree says what about you? do you like her? Ansh says she has to like me too.. Vedsheree smiles and asks him to talk to Piya, go. He leaves.

Sushant looks at Divya’s photo and says fate is trying to tell me something but what?

Naman comes to Guru Maa and cries. Guru Maa asks him to get lost. Naman says I am sorry, I got punished, witch made me old. Guru Maa says you should have died. Naman says only you can tell me how to get my age back, Guru Maa says I wont tell, she leaves. Naman thinks that someone else must know how to do it.

Sushant comes to Saanvi, Saanvi asks what happened? Sushant says your mother Divya is alive. He shows her news paper and says I found it in hostel office, I think she is trying to tell me something, maybe she knows that we are with Piya now, what about me seeing water everywhere? They see w ater spilling from a file. Sushant opens it and says we have a way to listen to Divya.

The Evil Eye 10 January 2021 star life: Sushant says to Vedsheree that Piya is Divya and my daughter. Fake Piya comes there. Sushant hugs her. Dilruba thinks I will have to act too. She says I am fine. Chitali says we were trying to tell you that she is here.
Piya is locked in a room, she sees it shaking and says its shrinking and then it will go away, I will be locked forever.
Vedsheree says to Piya that now I know why I felt connection with you because you are Divya’s mother, I never asked you when you were going to search your mother. Sushant says you let her go when it was dangerous there. Ansh says I was there and Piya killed that chudail. Sushant says its impossible, chudail cant die. Ansh says Piya killed her with Divya’s knife. Sushant says chudail cant die thats why Divya locked her in casket, I know who did all this.. Ansh asks who? Sushant says your mother Mohana. Mohana is tensed.

Piya sees room crumbling and shrinking.

Sushant sees Mohana and is about to attack her with her trishul but Ansh stops him. Ansh says she didnt do anything. Sushant says she sent chudail behind my daughter. Vedsheree says how can you be sure? Sushant says she can do anything to keep davansh and devik away, she used Saanvi to free chudail. Rishi says Saanvi came here. Sushant says she used black stone to make Saanvi under her spell. Vedsheree says but Mohana was weak that night. Mohana says I am enemy of chudail, I dont need her help to kill Piya, I can do it not, she looks at fake Piya but Sushant stands infront of her.

Piya sees room crumbling and says help me Maa. She recalls how Divya told her to not be scared of anyone, you have know the difference between truth and imagination. Piya says this is not real, its fake. Suddenly room falls away and Piya is free in jungle, she falls down.

Sushant says to Mohana that you freed chudail. Mohana says Ruby must have done it. Vedsheree says I made her marry Ansh but she is a witch, we have thrown Ruby out of house, Piya is fine too, everything is okay. Mohana thinks that I am worried if he will know its not Piya but Dilruba.

The Evil Eye 10 January 2021 update starlife: Sushant says to Vedsheree that Divya tried to communicate with me afters years and hinted like Piya is in danger. Vedsheree says maybe she was trying to tell something else, I feel like she is near some water, like some river. Priest comes there and says Saanvi told me everything. Sushant says I kept seeing water, Divya was trying to tell me something about Piya. Priest says it means witch has kidnapped her in water, Chitali says how can she be alive? Priest says witch combines her breath with that person’s so that person remains in water but they have to be close. Sushant says its Mohana, when Divya was kidnapped, she called me and said witch is behind her. Priest says Divya must be near here. Mohana thinks they will never know where I have kept Divya, Mohana recalls how she kidnapped her in water tank.

Ansh comes to Piya and says Sushant found some lead about your mother. Piya says lets go. Ansh sees her leaving her mother’s earrings.
Mohana comes to water tank and smirks.
All family members are thinking about water near them. Ansh says Piya was telling about some well. Vedsheree says well is near mandir. Sushant says then what can it be? They see water on floor.

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