Take 1 cup each night for 14 days before bedtime if you have these 3 common health issues.

When we suffer dehydration, only water intake is not enough solution, as it may not lend us all the vitamins and minerals required which we get from fruits and green leafy vegetables. Therefore, adding a juice every night in your food-chart is a must especially if you are having these three health issues which we are going to discuss. Taking this every night will keep you hydrated and nourished and you will be good to go in the morning.

This cucumber and banana juice recipe, endows us with vitamin C and a handful of minerals.

Banana contains a large number of calcium and high number fibre while cucumber contains vitamin C and a larger content of minerals. And you can imagine what you will achieve blending the two together and taking a glass of it.

However, as a result, we are going to discuss 3 health issues which this recipe can help tame within a little period.

1If it is always watery: if you are a married man and you noticed that it is always watery, please do not panic, the only thing you have to do is to buy a banana and cucumber, blend the two together with the help of a little quantity of water. Drink one cupful of it each night for fourteen consecutive days and keep the remnants on the the fridge against the following night. You will start noticing wonders few days after the day you started.

2Rough Skins: some of us might not know why their skins are not looking the way they ought to. Some of our skins looks rough and we may be wondering what we can use to remedy it. The people that knows this secret, when you look at their skin, it will look like a new born baby’s own. Be that as it may, taking of blended banana and cucumber recipe is simply their secret and they may not have the time to tell you. The content in this two items refreshes the body, hence making the skin achieve maximum hydration.

3Impeded vision: It’s on record that what cures most of the time are not necessary expensive. Some of use way too often waste their money on what wouldn’t bring remedy to their problem neglecting the ones that will because the later is too cheap to believe.

Nevertheless, if you are having a visual issue, please endeavor to buy this two items blend them together just as was explained above and take them accordingly before fourteen days you will start seeing changes in your vision.

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