Strange: see the only dog that was sentenced to life imprison for doing this

In the year 1924, a Labrador Retriever dog was hilariously sentenced to life in jail without parole at the eastern state penitentiary prison with a mug shot hanging on its neck.

The dog named Pep was sentenced to life in prison for killing Pennsylvania’s governor’s cat. He was nicknamed “the Pennsylvania cat murderer”.

In its prison mugshot, the dog is seen with ears dropped backward with an identification number C2559 hanging on its neck.

According to stories making the rounds at the time, Pep attacked and gruesomely murdered a cat belonging to the wife of the then Pennsylvania Governor Gifford Pinchot.

Showing no signs of remorse for its evil action, Pep the black Labrador Retriever dog was then sent to the eastern state penitentiary with no opportunity of parole.

Pep who had been a gift to the Pennsylvania governor was, however, believed to have been framed up.

Pep’s actual offense was believed as being nothing more serious than chewing the sofa of the governor’s front porch.

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