Stop Eating Beans With Any Of These Four Foods, It Is Unhealthy

Food Combinations are a norm in this country. Some of this combinations are strange, for example; indomie and bread,

Stop Eating Beans With Any Of These Four Foods, It Is Unhealthy

Food Combinations are a norm in this country. Some of this combinations are strange, for example; indomie and bread,



Rice and yam,



Indomie and tangerine e.t.c.



Others are normal and acceptable by all, example; rice and beans



Reasons for combining foods are numerous and distinct, it could be because they form a perfect harmony in taste when combined(this is the major reason for combining foods), or because one Ingridrient is not enough you have to add the other to make the food plenty( I think this is how rice and beans combo started lol), or because we are curious to know what it taste like( indomie and bread People started out of curiosity lol) e.t.c


Whatever the reason, we should try our best to combine healthy meals, by this I mean combine meals that won’t have negative health effects on us( like give us diarrhea, constipation or other long term and more serious health issues).



Beans is a major food that is always combined with other foods. Some people combine beans and yam, beans and garri, beans and potatoes, beans and rice, beans and bread e.t.c. Numerous combinations with numerous unique taste and health benefits.



There are some weird combinations of beans which should be avoided. For those who have tried these combinations, the unlucky Ones has had very bad experience in relation to the effect of these combo.


To the lucky ones, though you escape, have it in mind that one day there would be an explosion in your stomach as a result of these combinations.


Desist from these combo now and stay safe.


The four major foods that you shouldn’t combine beans with are:

Milk- beans cooked with milk, or taken with milk( i.e after eating you drink milk)



Fish- boiled or fried



Egg- boiled or fried



Yoghurt- mostly eaten by rich people



These foods are high in protein, although different classes of amino acids(protien) they are difficult to digest and they lead to protien overload in the system


Why are these foods not healthy with beans?

As we grow, body requirements for protein begins to decline(reduce). When we then take high or excess protein, the body will take(absorb) the needed amount of protein and leave the rest in your blood system to be floating as toxins.


Protein are very dangerous and bad toxins, it would be better if you have excess floating fat, or glucose than protien, this is because the presence of protein makes one easily succeptible (open) to viral infections, and if you have viruses in your system, protein will make it thrive more and grow faster causing more health damage


These foods mentioned above together with beans are all high class protein foods. Since you are trying to regulate and curb(control) your protein intake you shouldn’t take these foods combined.


Aside the excess protein level, digesting these combinations is also a strain to your system, protein requires high energy for metabolism (breakdown of the food, body absorbing the nutrient, and excreting it). When you take high amount of protein you overwork your system, and your body system might start running at a loss. We all know that this won’t yeild good results


Healthy Replacement For These Combinations

1. Instead of milk with beans take beans and warm water or cocao drink and do not cook the beans with milk



2. Instead of fish, use crayfish because the proten class of crayfish when combined with protein class of beans yeild a good protien output.


The reverse is the case for fish.


3. Egg is a No No, this protein class and beans protein create protien overload when combined. You can also use crayfish to replace it, or give a day or two days gap after beans before you take egg


4. Yoghurt, similar case with milk, replace with water or cocoa



Please my dear readers, eat your beans protien without all these combo, if you will combine, use a healthy combination and not any of the above mentioned for the sake of your health


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