Stop Consuming Too Much Of These 3 Things, If You Want To Live Long.

Most ulcers are positioned in the small intestine. These ulcers are known as duodenal ulcers. Ucers that affects the stomach are called gastric ulcers and the ulcers in the throat are known as esophageal ulcers.


They is a sign that usually shows on your body when you are affected with ulcer. This signs are indication that your body is having fault and thus needs urgent medical attention. Below are some of the signs of ulcer.

1. Feeling bloated, burn or dull pain in your stomach.

2. Feel easily full.

3. Stomach pain that makes you not to sleep well at night.

4. Discomfor during the night. This discomfort may last for minutes or hours.


5. Discomfort when you eat food or drink water and other liquid subtance.

When your ulcer becomes perforated, it turns into a bleeding ulcer which can lead symptoms such as:

1. Pain in your back

2. Blood in your stool.

3. Vomiting blood.


4. Nausea.

5. Unexpected weight loss.

Below Are 3 Things You Should Not Consume In Excess


• Avoid Too Much Smoking Of Tobacco And Cigarette

Excessive cigarette smoking is among the major risk factors for uncomplicated peptic ulcer. People who smoke too much have an increased chance of dying from peptic ulcer disease and increased death rates from smoking-related disorders have been reported in patients with ulcer bleeding.

Furthermore, too much smoking increases your risk of ulcers and may stop the drugs you swallow from treating ulcer.

2. Avoid Eating Too Much Of Red Pepper

According to a research consumimg too much of red pepper makes the gastric acid production to increase which may make the symptoms of duodenal ulceration worse. The amount of red pepper used to carry out this research was little when compared with the amount added to meals in some countries of the world.

It is advisable to use ginger or some locost beans as it has no effect on ulcer and it has it’s own health benefit.

3. Avoid Excessive Drinking Of Alcohol

Rsearch have shown that they is a connection between the H. pylori bacteria that most often trigger an ulcer and excessive alcohol intake. This theory says that alcohol consumption in high amount causes an irritation to the stomach lining, leading to the condition known as gastritis.

Irrespective of your age and previous health histy drinking too much alcohol can cause a painful sore in the stomach. Scienctist has finalized that drinking doesn’t help heal and ulcer. Your condition can degenerate whey you already have ulcer and still consumimg alcohol to stupor.

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