Stop Buying Charger Every Two Weeks With These Easy Tricks

You probably buy chargers too often that it has become a regular routine, or maybe you chargers spoil too often. Well that could be because you are doing some things that you shouldn’t do to your charger to ensure a long life span. Anyways, worry no more because with these easy tricks, you won’t be buying new chargers as often as before. Do you know why, it’s because these tricks has been tested and trusted.

1. Don’t leave your charger in the socket. As long as you’re not using the charger at the moment, don’t leave it plugged in whether the socket is on or off.

2. Don’t pull your cord by the cord. Yeah I know this sounds weird but don’t pull your cord when you’re trying to unplug your phone, hold that strong part that is right after your phone where you plugged it.

3. Don’t fold your cord. Electricity is one of our biggest problem in Nigeria. So you might get tempted to go out and charge your phone. Just before you leave you pick up your charger, fold it and put it into your pocket. This is a habit you should drop if you want your charger to last longer.

4. Don’t buy a cheap charger. We all know cheap things don’t last, it might be challenging to spend much for a charger but it’s the best. Just make up your mind, buy a costly charger from a good brand and it should last for you if you treat it with care.

5. One more thing, Don’t share your charger. I know it sounds selfish but not sharing your charger prevent people from mistakenly damaging it for you. They might not damage it on purpose but when it’s damaged, there’s nothing you can do, you have to get a new one, so to avoid stories that touches the heart, don’t share your charger.

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