Steps On How To Share Your Data Via Bluetooth Device.

We gave grow to the extent that we don’t need to struggle our lives out just to make things happen.

Technology and the Internet have made things very easy for us to be able to use them. That is for those who are connected to the Internet and other technologies that have to make use of internet access.

You can send and receive money staying home from a friend that is far away from home just with the help of the internet service.

This is to show you that life is easy with the internet if only you are connected.

However, this is to show you how you can be able to share your data with that your cool friend of yours or even your family members.

To do that, You don’t need to use the hotspot to share data anymore.

Just as we all know that using the hotspot to share data normally drain battery percentage. But with this, I could be able to explain to you how you are going to go about it by using just you Bluetooth.


Since Sincere the one that wants to share your data.

1. Go to your phone settings.

2. Tap on network & internet.

3. Tap on hotspot & tethering.

4. Now you will have to switch on your mobile network and data, then click on Bluetooth Bluetooth.

Then on your friend phone.

1. Go to Bluetooth Bluetooth

2. Then search and pair with your phone bluth.

3Bluetoothat, tap on the Settings icon of your friend device name.

3.Then click on internet access and click ok to connect.

4.You will see that the device Gravity Z2 shows connected which means your friend can now browse with your data

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