Stay Away From These 5 Types Of Foods If You Do Not Want Cancer

Cancer is a very common disease in this day and age. There are many different types of food that contains things that can cause Cancer. In this article, we will talk about 5 Types of Food That Causes Cancer, So You Need To Stay Away From Them. But before we go on, be sure to Like and Follow our page so as not to miss any important health tips posts. Let’s begin!

1.) Pesticides

Pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, rappelling or mitigating any pest. In simple terms, this means that pesticides help protect crops from outside factors or forces that can damage them. For evxample, farmers and those who grow their own crops use pesticides to protect the crops from insects. But there is always a risk of developing pesticide poisoning and even cancer. Avoiding fruits and vegetables is not the answer to avoiding these risks, but switching to more organic foods may be the best way to move forward. There are many different benefits to organic foods. Not only do organic foods contain fewer pesticides, but organic food is also usually much fresher, GMO free and richer in certain nutrients.

2.) Preservatives

Preservatives are used to keep food safe and edible for long periods of time and can either be natural or man made. Many of the packaged foods we buy require some type of preserving agent to protect us from food poisoning. Examples are salt, sugar and vegetable oil. However, with technology quickly advancing, companies have now moved to Synthetic preservatives, which help store and protect the food from spoilage for long periods of time. Notice that I didn’t mention that it keeps the food safe. That is because these new preservatives are harming us. Studies have suggested that synthetic food preservatives like sodium benzoate and sodium nitrate can cause gastric cancer. Some foods and drinks which contain preservatives include bread, cheese, margarine, wine, processed meats, fruit juice, dried fruit, soft drinks and more. You can tell which of your favorite foods have preservatives simply by looking at the label.

3.) Adulterants

Adulterants in food and beverages are considered to be substances which are not legally allowed to be put in foods we consume. An example of a tampering chemical in the food we are consuming is Food Colorants. Companies used to use natural food coloring, such as carrot juice, spinach powder, blueberry juice, cocoa powder etc. But because their shelf life is low, they’ve stopped them. Now the food industries have started using Adulterants, which can range from chalk powder, sawdust, Red 40, Yellow 5, even though they are aware that they have been proven to cause long term health problems.  Some other examples of the most common adulterated foods include vanilla extract, maple syrup, grape wine, apple juice, coffee, orange juice, saffron etc. These disturbing facts about the food we are eating should convince you to change your diet and what you are eating.

4.) Hygiene

We all love street food. However, there are certain health risks that come with street vendors such as vehicular emission. Carbon dioxide and air pollutants are all absorbed into the foods we eat. Some risks associated with eating street foods include food borne illnesses like diarrhea, fever and food poisoning. So as tempting as the street hot foods are, it might not be worth it. Eat at your own risk.

5.) Degreening Agents

Degreening treatment is used to simulate the breakdown of Chlorophyll in early season harvested citrus. This helps bring out the color of certain fruit peels like oranges and lemons. As discussed earlier, we do not have the ability to store our vegetables and fruits for long periods of time. So when they are harvested, they are treated with the degreening ripening agents such as Calcium Carbide & Ethylene. Calcium Carbide can be hazardous to our bodies because it contains traces of phosphorous and arsenic. Studies state that eating fruits which have been artificially ripened can be harmful. We unknowingly consume these foods without knowing that we are reducing our life expectancy.

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