Some negative effect of using tiles

Some negative effect of using tiles

Yes, tiles are very common when it comes to flooring the house and designing the house as they are beautiful, attractive and seem very easy to maintain when it comes to cleaning. We all know that everything that has an advantage also comes with disadvantage but do you know these same tiles have more disadvantages when compared to it’s advantage .

Some people might think the only disadvantage of these tiles are it’s expensive and takes time to fix but after going through this piece you will realise that due to the texture of these tiles, they stand risky and unhealthy .

When I talk about the texture of this tile, I’m talking about this insulator that doesn’t conduct heat and is usually found cold. This cold nature of this tile can lead to some health complications, some of which are 👇

1)Joint Pain:

Due to the hard and cold nature of these tiles, most people who have their houses tiled often complain of pains on their joints, knee and ankle especially from standing and walking on tiles. This pains may not be noticed quickly but as time keeps going it becomes pronounced and becomes unbearable.

2)Arthritis :

Arthritis is one common illness in Nigeria today, it affects both the young and old, the rich and poor but do you know that the tiles we use at home today stands as one major way of getting arthritis?

Arthritis is often caused by infection, mostly salmonella. This virus can be found in any substances and can make its way to our body system. Some symptoms include; joint pain, inflammation. This organism can enter our body through the tiles, when we sit on it, use our bare feet and hands on it.

3) Plantar Fasciitis:

This is an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. This inflamed tissue runs across the bottom of the foot.

Plantar Fasciitis is seen more frequently in patients who spend a lot of time on their feet standing, but also walking. This is the case especially in individuals who are spending their time on hard surfaces such as concrete, tile or even hard floors.

The above are the 3 health complications caused by the tiles we use at home .

Some persons might ask what we can use in place of these tiles.

To my best knowledge and study so far, the wooden floors are considered the best and most healthy flooring material as it is made from the Oak trees which makes them manage heat properly, they are also cold but not like that of tiles. These wooden floors are also easy to clean and they don’t get slippery when wet . They are also cheap compared to the expensive tiles

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