So Sad: 11 People Reported Dead In Oyo State Community Over Unknown Disease! 5 Battling To Survive!

According to what we gathered from punch online newspaper, A strange sickness has reportedly killed 11 people while 5 are currently hospitalised. This incidence is happening in Legelu local government of Oyo state.

This is actually very sad, as Nigerians as a whole haven’t recovered fully from the impact of COVID-19 and the case of this unknown disease that has now killed 11 people should quickly be looked into by the government of Oyo state and the federal government.

It is however, even more sad that the 5 people that are said to be hospitalised are now battling for survival. Although, unconfirmed, reports have suggested that the symptoms which the hospitalised patients are showing is that of cholera.

The state government of Oyo state have also said that the claim cannot be established immediately because result of samples that were taken from these patients has not returned from test center.

The people of the community affected by the disease have come out to say that the first victim was recorded in a village called Ariku. In Ariku village 5 people have been reported dead from the Unknown disease. The disease however, did not stop at Ariku village it later spread to another village called Lagun where the unknown disease has killed 6 people again.

Mr Kelani Abdullahi, who is the caretaker chairman of the local government said the cause of the cases was still being investigated.

“So far, 11 persons have lost their lives to the epidemic, with five persons hospitalised while four persons have been discharged.” this quote was according to Mr Abdullahi.

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