See How To Use Cabbage To Treat That Worrisome Ulcer. Worry No More, The Solution Is Here

Ulcers occur when the stomach secretes more hydrochloric acid than what the mucosa of the stomach or duodenum can withstand. When this happens, there are so many treatment which could be recommended by a doctor or a physician, but the truth of the matter is that, ulcers do not go easily if you rely on just drugs given to you by the doctors. Though when we talk about ulcer, we do not refer to just ulcer of the stomach. There are many ulcers Which people suffer from such as mouth ulcer, gastrointestinal tract ulcers but in this article, we are going to be focusing more on stomach ulcer.

Here is a more natural remedy to this stomach ulcer problem

What we need to make now is a cabbage juice. Very simple and easy to prepare :

Get a small sized cabbage

Peel off the dirty part

Then wash thoroughly with a clean water

After washing, slice the cabbage into small pieces

Then pour all the sliced cabbage in a blender

Add a little water to it and blend

After blending it smoothly, pour it out in a container and sieve well. Your cabbage juice is ready to drink to stop any kind of ulcer you may be having.

How to use:

Drink about 3-4 glasses of the cabbage juice in a day.

Note: you must prepare the quantity you can finish in a day because the remaining unused juice is to be disposed after 24hours. Do this for a period of 2weeks and see the result.

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