See How To keep Your Caller ID from Showing For Outgoing Calls

A lot of people don’t know how to hide their caller ID whenever they want to make a call. I will guide you today on how you can hide your caller ID whenever you want to make a call.

Actually, this post is not for illegal purpose, but for educational purposes.

What’s Caller ID?

Caller ID is a telephone feature that always displays a caller’s mobile number on the recipient’s phone device before the call is answered.

And the phone number, location and associated billing or subscriber name is shown on the handset’s display or a separate caller ID box attached to the phone.

Before we go into the main reason why you’re reading this post. Let’s check the pros and cons of hiding your mobile number.

Pros Of Hiding Your Caller ID

Hiding your caller ID whenever you want to make a call with unknown person is the best option to keep your privacy. The person you are calling won’t know the person and the number calling him/her. Attackers won’t get any privacy detail from your mobile number because they didn’t know your Caller ID (identity).

Sometimes, some people that know your mobile number will be threatened you with call, it is because they knew your mobile number.

If you have hide your number to call them, they can’t call you back except you call them back. Hiding your number is good but not all time.

You don’t need to hide your mobile number for your friends and families. But in some cases, you may decided to hide your mobile number for your families and friends.

Cons Of Hiding Your Caller ID

Hiding your mobile number doesn’t have any disadvantages/cons because you are the one who is going to activate.

How To Hide Your Caller ID For Individual Calls

You may decided to hide your caller ID for individual calls, this will hide your number for the particular person you want to call.

Dial #31# and follow by the number.

You will need to add a code as prefix to the contact so your caller ID will be hidden when you call the person.

Add #31# as the prefix for the number and call the person. See screenshot below:

How To Hide Your Caller ID For All Outgoing Calls

Below are the procedures to hide your caller ID.

1. Open Phone app on your mobile phone. Then, click in the three dots at the top right corner. And tap on Settings.

2. Now, tap on Calling Accounts

3. Choose any of your line that you would like to hide the number.

4. After choosing the line you want to hide, now click on Additional Settings

5. Tap on Caller ID and choose Hide Number

You have successfully Hide your caller ID. Your mobile number will be hidden in all outgoing calls.

We need to learn how to display your caller ID if you don’t it. If you don’t, your caller ID will be hidden in all time.

How To Display/Show Your Caller ID In Outgoing Calls

You just have to follow the above steps until the Caller ID section, then choose show number or Network Default.

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