Say Theses Magic “f-word” To Make Her Chase You

It’s completely innocent and rejection-proof. And when you sneak it into a conversation with any woman you want, you’re going to at least triple the chances of her chasing you.

She’ll be 3X as likely to start hitting on you, out of nowhere…

3X as likely to ask for your number…

And 3X as likely to make the first sexual move on you… and sleep with you that same night.

So what is this magic “F Word”?

It’s not that vulgar word you might be thinking about… Nope…

The magic word is “friend”.

Next time you’re flirting with a girl you like, call her your “friend” as much as possible.

For example, if she says something nice to you, you might respond with:

“Awww, thanks for saying that Annie, you’re such a good friend.”

Or if you’re at a party you could say, “Hey best friend, what are you up to?”

This word will MIND [email protected]#K the hell out of her…

Because look, a “friend” is a good thing. It’s a positive attribute. You’re not dissing her or being mean.

But it also implies a platonic relationship, not a sexual or romantic one.

And if she’s attractive, she’s not used to a guy putting her in the friend zone like that.

She’s used to being in control and having power over men. But not anymore…

Using this “F-word” will instantly set you apart from other guys and make you a CHALLENGE.

It works like magic… and it starts the psychological process of her chasing you…

And that’s just the beginning.

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