Say Goodbye To Smelly Body, 🤧 Armpits By Simply Avoiding These Common 5 Foods.

Smelly armpits and body isn’t cool. However, scientific studies have shown that there are some foods we eat that cause us to have bad body odour.

Some healthy foods can change the way your body, armpits and breath smell. They’re actually needed for your body’s development, however, but when they’re broken down in the body, they release foul-smelling compounds which are excreted in our sweats.

In order to prevent bad body odour, you need to watch out for these foods. It’s either you cut down your rate of consumption of these foods, or you avoid them completely.

1. Eggs and milk.

These foods contain sulphur, which when broken down, produces foul-smelling compounds, which is released out of the body through sweats. Avoiding foods like this or at least, cutting down the amount you eat, will definitely stop your body from smelling bad.

2. Alcohol

Taking too much of alcohol will cause you have a stinking breath and smelly sweats. The end products of alcohol, which is acetic acid, is excreted out of the body through sweats, and is acted upon by the bacteria on your skin, hence the bad odour. If you keep on drinking alcohol, your body will keep producing the bad scent.

3. Onions and garlics

Cooking with too much onions or garlic is not advisable if you’re having bad body odour. Onions and garlic contain high amount of what’s called”volatile organic alcohol”. If these compounds break down, they release foul-smelling compounds which is excreted out of the body. Apart from the fact that onions and garlic are capable of making your body smell bad, they can also make you have a stinking breath, if you consume them raw.

4. Fish and red meats.

Red meats are sulphur-rich foods with organic compounds that are foul-smelling. Fish smell bad naturally, and eating fish can make you smell bad too.

5. Vegetables like broccoli, celery, cauliflower, and cabbages.

These vegetables are sulphur-rich and when broken down, they release compounds that are foul-smelling. If these compounds find their way out of the body through sweats, they’ll make your armpits and body smell bad.

Yes, dieticians and food nutritionist tell us to eat these foods, as they help the body to grow and perform well. Infact, any food that contains sulphur, an active element that supports body growth, is capable of making you smell if you’re not careful. However, we still need to know that these same foods have been scientifically proven to be the source of most people’s bad body odour. It’s good we know this, and plan better ways to eat and combine foods, such that it won’t have bad effect on us.

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