Salt water to treats sore throat

Salt water to treats sore throat.

The worst thing ever is when you wake up in the morning with a sore throat.


Also when you realise you do not have any medicine to remedy the situation.


Then the only thing you can use is salt. When you gargle salt water. It will make all the nasty phlegm come out.


Phlegm makes you sick so must try to get rid of it to clear your throat.


People has been depending on this remedy for years.


Especially when they cannot afford to buy any medicine at the pharmacy or go to the doctor.


Or the other thing is sit in long queues and wait for assistance at a hospital.




You can do this for your sore throat.


A half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of lukewarm water.


Gargle it.


This will remedy your sore throat or a scratchy throat.


Salt can be very effective to your health.


The benefits of salt water :



You see that salt has many more health benefits than you think.


We just think about salt that we use to give our food flavour.


Yet salt is more than that has many more health properties.



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