Reasons Why Guy Should Not Be Wearing Pants Or Tight Boxers Any Longer.

As a Man, You should Stop Wearing Pants Or Tight Boxers.

We all know that we walk smart and feel confident when we put on our under wears like pants or boxers. Yet there are factors you need to put into consideration when you think of how good you feel when you wear your pant.

1. Impediment, when you wear pant or tight boxer, it hinders free flow of blood within the region. In a nutshell, it hampers blood circulation around your waist which may affect other organs of the body.

Though this is applicable to all tight materials be it foot wears, clothes, socks or belt.

2. Discomfort, I am very sure that men who are used to wearing pants or tight boxers will testify to this. They don’t take it as a big deal because they think it’s a normal thing.

You will notice that when you remove your pant or tight boxer there will be some marks around your waist and laps.

3. Formation of rashes, some skins are so sensitive to heat that when such skins feel heat, rashes develop within the area covered by the pant or tight boxer. Some guys even buy tight boxers intentionally to expose their thing how big it is. Don’t forget the results.

4. Cost reduction, If you can feel free without pants then you will have no reason to be buying pants virtually every month.

5. Unsuitable pants, there are kinds of pants that will be pulling out your thing even when you fix it, after some times it will come out again. So I think it’s better to away with pants or tight boxers.

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