READ: Do This To Heal Ulcer And Stop Wasting Money On Drugs.

It is no doubt that no matter the technological advancement made in the medical sector the natural healing methods will still be better by all means.

The major aim of this article is to stop ulcer patients from wasting their money on drugs and try out these natural methods to heal ulcer.

The first method is by using plantain. It is very easy all you have to do is to get plantain; make sure it is an unripe one. Then you peel it and slice the planta in into little pieces.

Put the sliced plantain into a big bowl and fill it with clean water. Cover the bowl and shake. Store the bowl in a good place.

When it’s done drink it and see how good it is in healing your ulcer.

Using Tiger Nut

The usage of Tiger nut is another natural methods to healing ulcer without having to waste money on drugs.

Simply, get some dried tiger nuts and wash them well. Then, soak them in clean water for 24 hours. Then change the water in the container and blend the nuts, try to add more water to it as you blend. When you are done with blending it leave it for another 20-30 minutes.

Finally, sieve it and put the tiger nut shake into a clean jar.

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