Poison Victim: Do Not Give Him/Her Palm oil As Antidote!

Poison Victim: Do Not Give Him/Her Palm oil As Antidote!

As days go by, we do learn lots and lots of new things and most of these knowledge do prove useful and helpful when you are in certain conditions.

Poisons are toxic agents that react negatively in an hyperactive way to our immune system. Some poisons are so lethal that it can kill within minutes of contacts with the body system. Lots and lots of people have lost their lives as a result of being poisoned while some people will even consume the poisons themselves in the name of committing suicide. However, most of the these peoples died because there is no timely rescue for them or rather they were found by inexperienced individuals.

What Is Palm Oil?

Palm oil is extracted from the Palm tree which is a tropical African plant and it can be used In the consumption of local foods and soups.
Traditionally, it is believed that Poisons can be subdued by giving the victim dose of palm oil as a means inducing vomiting and also repressing the toxic agents of the poisons. This remedy do work at times but it’s not 100percent accurate according to medical studies.

Using Palm Oil to evoke vomiting of the poison only works when the poison has not been more than 1 hour in the body of the victim. At this time, there is more probability that the victim will vomit a larger portion of the poison and also might be safe but most poisons do take longer than 1 hour to work in the body system and that makes using the palm oil not totally reliable.

Some poisons are even so potent that if the victim vomited, it would increase the rate at which the poison works and this might end up killing the person.

Thirdly, Home remedy is not advisable for victims of poisons as there is higher probability that you are doing the wrong thing at the most crucial time.

What Should We Do To Help A Poisoned Victim?

The best thing to do for a person who fell victim of poisons is to get him/her straight to the nearest hospital or call an ambulance for the rescue. The situation can be handled better by experienced doctors than average individuals.

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