People With This Blood Type Have Lower Risk of Contracting HIV ( Details Here )

Last updated on January 8, 2021

HIV as well as other infectious diseases are not dependent on blood type. There is no diseases specified for people with a particular blood group.

However, some mutations in white blood cells may play a protective role in boosting body immunity.

Blood groups are determined by presence or absence of antigens on the surface of red blood cells. The red blood cells have been linked to immunity.

Studies have found some people are resistant to HIV cells but this is dependent on the ability of white blood cells to fight the virus.

HIV affects T-cells that activates your body’s attack cells to fight the viruses and dendritic cells that communicate with T-cells when they detect threat.

There is no known scientific evidence that any blood group is resistant to HIV but, there are however some people born with HLA genes that makes them less susceptible to HIV. But those genes are not a part of any blood group.

There is no blood type that is not susceptible to HIV so practice safe intercourse, do not share needles and about any sensual contact.


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