People With This Blood Type Are More Likely to Get Stomach Cancer (Read)

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What I have for you today in this article is about some specific blood types that are highly prone to stomach cancer or ulcer disease. Every single human on this planet has a blood group which he or she belongs. As humans it is very important for us to know our blood type.


Why is it so? Knowing your blood type or group, helps you to know the kinds of diseases you are likely to be affected with and how to overcome such diseases. Also, knowing your blood type helps you to know the type of foods you should eat.



We have eight blood groups in total; A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, O-. These are the types of blood group we have. People with blood type O are considered to be strong because, among the blood types, O is known to be the strongest. Concerning the infection of stomach cancer, people with blood type A, B and AB are risk more than type O.


Specifically people with blood type A are more likely to get stomach cancer. This is because, a certain infection called H. pylori infection is more prevalent and common in blood type A people. That infection is caused by bacteria found in the stomach. This could lead to inflammation and ulcers.



If you are blood type A, it is essential to apply preventive health measures, eat healthy diet and cancer prevention foods.


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