This is not the time to start having that unbelief or probably you have tried but couldn’t work out.
There are so many people who will keep on persisting till they all get what they want.
Most times it resolves to lot of frustration that would make some give up if they don’t see a result of spending so much.
If probably you are thin and are looking forward to the best solution ever to add up weight, then you have to follow this steps well.
Below are items you need to have for the process. fresh egg, (please make sure you buy a fresh egg)
2.a tin of milk(liquid) pap( ogi or akamu)
4.a spoon

Method of use

1.put your pap inside a cup.
2. Open your milk and pour it in the same cup.
3. Now use the milk to melt the pap with a spoon till it dissolved.
4.Break the egg and add the yoke mix and drink both.
5. Do this for ten days and you will see the result.
If probably you have ulcer…within the space of three days… it will move immediately.

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