NOTE! Here is a Trick Used by Fraudsters in Defrauding their Victims

Often times, whenever we receive such call, we are tempted to return the call – since it is an international number and we would want to know who was calling.

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On numerous occasions, I have received such calls. And was always in a haste to return such calls. But on a second thought, considering the call tariff in making an outgoing international call. I would ask myself, why would an international number ‘flash’ my line and in a quick succession, rather than call?

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The last one I experienced compelled me to investigate the reason behind such. In the course of my investigation, I discovered that it was one of the numerous tricks used by fraudsters in defrauding their victims. They ‘flash’ their victims line using an international number – which they purchased from a black market. And their victims seeing the missed call, are compelled to call back to know who is on the other end. Whenever such calls are return , all the call credit unit on their victims line, will be wiped out. Those fraudsters have a tool in which they use in converting the call credit into cash.


So whenever you miss a call from an international number, do not bother to return such call. If the call is genuine, the caller would call back – unless you were expecting such call.

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