Never throw away old CDs again See 30 useful ideas for them

So, you have these old CD plates littered here and there in your house and you probably wonder if anything good can come out of them.

You just feel like throwing them away. Not yet! Here are 30 useful things you can do with old CD plates.

1. Solar Panel

2. Toys

3. Mirror frame

4. Soap dish

5. Candle holder

6. Jewelry holder

7. Curtain

8. Cup holder

9. Mosaic tiles

10. Mosaic tables

11. Bag design

12. Cloth design

13. Shoe design

14. Christmas tree

15. Decorations

16. Sculptures

17. Chandelier or light holder

18. Picture frame

19. Face Cap design

20. Satellite disc decoration

21. Necklace

22. Bangles

23. Clock

24. Tissue/Serviette holder

25. Necklace

26. Flower vase

27. Chest/box design

28. CD roofing

29. Wall pockets

30. Saucer Mosaic

There are many more things you can do with old CD plates. That is why you should not throw them away.

You can even simply use foil to wrap it up and it can be used as a saucer.

We live in a time where people are learning to turn waste into wealth.

You can create wealth out of old CD plates. It depends on how creative you are. It also depends on the problem you want to solve.

We only listed about 30 useful things you can do with old CD plates. You can take a step further and do your own research and figure out what useful idea you can come up with by converting waste to wealth.

I hope you learnt a couple of things.

What other things can you do with old CD plates?








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