Apart from using it for cooking, bitter leaf is rarely used for any other thing because people are unaware of its miraculous health benefits.

And the sad part is that whenever it is used for cooking, almost all the nutrients are washed off the leaves.

Even the leftovers are further lost to the cooking process: Thus leaving just a minute portion of its richness for our consumption.

Of course, bitter leaf has a bitter taste and it is true that most people can’t withstand it.

But remember that the best of medicines comes with a bitter taste; and bitter leaf is ranked high among them.

From treating malaria, stomach problems, cough, typhoid, fever, diabetes, diarrhea, tuberculosis, gallstones and kidney disease, to the prevention of cancer and lowering of hypertension, the health benefits of bitter leaf goes on and on and on.

Health Benefits Of Bitter Leaf
Bitter Leaf for Stomach Problems
Extract the juice out of Biter leaves and mix with small quantity of water Consume it two times a day.
bitter Leaf for Cough
Chew the Bitter leaves before going to bed at night. Repeat this procedure for 3 days to get cure from cough.
Bitter Leaf for Itching
Boil or squeeze the leaves of bitter Leaf and mix it with water Drink this liquid twice a day.
Bitter Leaf for Fatigue
Prepare juice of Bitter Leaf and add a pinch of salt to 3 tablespoons of the undiluted juice.
Consuming this juice will bring instant energy in the body. OR Consume a glass of bitter Leaf juice a day to combats Fatigue.
Bitter Leaf for Cancer
Make a juice of the bitter leaves and mix it with water. Consume daily four time a day.
Bitter Leaf for Fever
Drink a glass of extracted Bitter Leaf juice thrice a day to reduce fever
Bitter Leaf for Diabetes
Squeeze the fresh Bitter leaf to extract out the juice. Drink it twice a day to lower the raised blood sugar levels.
Bitter Leaf for Eczema
Apply the extracted juice of bitter Leaf over the affected area to treat Eczema.
Bitter Leaf for Skin Rashes
Prepare a juice from Bitter Leaf. Apply this juice as a paste on your skin to reduce Skin Rashes.
Bitter Leaf for Ringworm
Squeeze out the juice from the Bitter leaf. Apply a thin layer of this juice on your affected area. Repeat it once a day.
Bitter Leaf for Malaria
Boil some fresh Bitter leaves in 100 ml of water for 5to 10 minutes. Strain it off. Drink this decoction daily to get rid of Malaria.
Bitter Leaf for Menopause
Take some fresh Bitter Leaves to extract out the juice. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Honey for taste. Drink this juice every morning to relieve Menopause symptoms.

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