Muslim Fans Blast Ahmed Musa On Facebook Due To The Picture He Posted (See Pictures)

Muslim Fans Blast Ahmed Musa On Facebook Due To The Picture He Posted (See Pictures)

Religion is a way one communicates to the Almighty God. It’s a method of speaking to and acting as per the message of God, religion achieves harmony, finding a sense of contentment with yourself and expanding your internal harmony towards others. It’s said one who doesn’t comprehend religion well inflicts more damage to their religion than good, as a result of their extraordinary position on certain issues about religion.

Being too strict ought to have been something acceptable, but since of small comprehension of who God himself is, make things so unique particularly here in Nigeria. Practically everything is hauled to religion wrongly, this made the religion an alleged binding together system among people ending up causing more wickedness and evil.

A few superstars are reliably hauled for issues of different beliefs. It’s not exactly long when a Kannywood entertainer, Rahma Sadau was hauled hardheartedly on different online media outlets by certain individuals over a photograph they guaranteed portray profanity, with the end goal that the entertainer needs to later delicate her statements of regret in any event to get her tranquillity.



Presently, Super Eagles Captain, Ahmed Musa who has been investing some quality time with his family is been hauled over a photograph of himself and his significant other. In the photograph, Ahmed Musa was staying by his significant other who attempts to peck him and some Nigerian Muslims saw everything incorrectly in the photograph. See the photographs beneath:


Few of his Fans shower recognition and supplications on the footballer, some blamed him saying that he assumed be envious of his better half and keep their relationship concealed as he does with his ATM and some significant pins. The following are a portion of the responses coming from certain Muslims against the photographs: 


From my point of view, nothing is bad in the picture, it’s just that some certain people take religion too extreme? Should this come from individuals like Paul Pogba, Mo Salah, or Messi or Ronaldo will the responses be the equivalent? or it is only in Nigeria that things about religion are like this. kindly share with us your opinion.


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