Music Effects on Human Body

Music is a very beautiful thing, it can be there for you when you are feeling really down or even when you feel way up there

Music Effects on Human Body

Music is a very beautiful thing, it can be there for you when you are feeling really down or even when you feel way up there, there is music for every season and when you plug in your headphones and let the music in, it’s like you are in your own world, the feeling is extremely beautiful.

Music is an art form and cultural activity, whose medium is sound. Music is the art concerned with combining word or instrumental sound for beauty of form or emotional expression, usually according to cultural standards of rhythm and melody.

Music is a collection of coordinated sound or sounds. Music is made up of sounds, vibrations and silent moments and it doesn’t always have to be pleasant or pretty. Melody, rhythm and harmony are terms related to music.


Music Effects on the Human body

Music is known to help people with memory and language problems by helping them remember and learning how to speak again. Listening to music is also good for people who are under stress as it helps them relax and sleep better.

The effect music has on the human body

1. Memory

People who play instruments tend to have better memory than people who don’t know how to play an instrument and this is because their training gives them a high working memory brain.

Music training can also improve verbal memory and attention. Also music can help patients with dementia.

2. Learning

There are seven types of intelligence that people can use to learn in a way that is easier for them to learn. One of these intelligences is musical, that is why when learn a musical form of something you almost never forget even after many years.

Another where is learning how to speak a language. Listening to a music of the language you want to learn and singing along helps you learn how to pronounce the words correctly and expands your vocabulary.

4. Identification

You can you use music as a platform to express, identify and express certain motion. It can help express and identify sadness or happiness or psychological or sociological problems.

5. Relaxing

Music can be very soothing and relaxing, family can also use it as a medium to have emotional intimacy and relax while they spend time together in a positive and creative way, which is very meaningful.

Listening to classical music before bedtime can help you go back to sleep. It can help you relax and slow down the brain letting you sleep for a longer period of time than you normally could.

Other ways music affects the human body are :

1. Attitude : Music has different effects depending on the genre you listen to and it can affect your attitude.

2. Health : Music has therapetic effect against:

✓ pain

✓ modify BP


✓ many mental sicknesses

✓ depression

✓ down syndrome

✓ insomia

and many other problems in the human body.

3. Motivates : Music serves as a motivator when you want to exercise or don’t want to do a specific job because it’s boring.


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