MUSIC AS A CONCEPT: Elements of Music

MUSIC AS A CONCEPT: Elements of Music

Music is defined as a succession of organised Sound that is pleasing to the ear. Music may also be defined as the universal language of the soul. Everybody both the young and old understands and enjoys music. Music touches the inner mind of an individual when the music being played is appealing and pleasing in a way.


Elements of Music.


1. Pitch: means how high or low a musical sound is.


2. Rhythm: means the movement of musical piece in a definite pattern which could be fast, slow or moderate.


3. Tempo: This simply means time in Latin. It means the time signature or speed of a music.


4. Metre: This is the measurement of pulse or beats and their recurring accents in music.


5. Dynamics: This is one of the musical elements responsible for expressing the degree of musical sounds produced whether soft or loud, fast or slow.


6. Melody: is a succession of single tones arranged to produce a pleasing effect.


7. Harmony: is the combination of two or more musical sounds heard at the same time in proper order to produce a pleasing effect.

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