Multivitamin and Calcium supplements in Organic Poultry

Multivitamin and Calcium supplements in Organic Poultry.

This is a powerful electrolyte that is served directly in water for the birds. It also contains roasted eggshells which serve as soluble calcium phosphate. Commercial feed is of various quality and some do not contain the required calcium needed by the birds, hence your bird may suffer paralysis as a result of weight gain. However, some cases of paralysis may not be related to calcium deficiency. With this MVC, you are covered if you find yourself in possession of such feed.



All you need are some carrots, cucumber, pawpaw, watermelon, dates or tiger nuts, banana, pineapple.

Pound or blend the roasted ground eggshells

After 2days, pour the remaining fruit juice into the one you added eggshells.

The bubbles and shimmering will no longer be there. Now, this is your multivitamin and calcium supplement.

Pour into a bottle and close loosely. Keep away from sunlight.

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