Mix And Drink Garlic And Bitter Leaf, Consistently For One Month And Gain These Health Benefits.

In Africa, we tend to underrate some of our ‘home-grown’ herbs, that we have been blessed with. This write-up is intended to show you how potent the garlic and the bitterleaf are when used correctly.

The bitterleaf, also known as Vernonia Amygladinia, is so common in most African homes and is mostly used for soups.

Just as the name implies, the bitterleaf is truly bitter and many believe that it’s bitterness shows how potent it is. This powerful herb is used both for the treatment and prevention of several diseases. It’s anti-parastic and anti-bacrerial qualities stand it out. Interestingly, this very herb also serves as a detoxifier, hence, one of the easest ways to get rid of unhealthy material in the kidney and liver is to take this herb on a regular basis. In addition, the bitterleaf is also used to cure diarrhea.

On the other hand, we have the garlic. Unknown to many, garlic is a vegetable understand the Alium family (onions, scallions and garlic). Garlic is well known for it’s unique smell and taste, as it’s a choice spice for cooking. Even more the garlic has antibiotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, hence, it is indeed a choice herb.

With garlic, you can inhibit the growth of precancerous tumours, also known as polyops. Even more, the risk of having cadiovascular diseases is highly reduced, for those who regularly take garlic, owing to the bioflavonoids present in the garlic.

Research reveals garlic to be one of the key herbs for the combating of gastrointestinal infections.

Now, owing to the potency of the both herbs it’s advised that you mix both of them, but add less than one of glove of garlic to every glass cup/serving of the bitterleaf juice.

Preparation Guide/Usage:

– Gather a handful of your fresh bitterleaf and was h thoroughly, with salt.

– Place in the blender and blend into juice.

– Add just one glove of your garlic into the blended bitter leaf juice.

– Place in an air-tight container.

– Take a glass full in the morning and at night.

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