Men’s Health: 5 health benefits when you blend banana, cucumber and Lemon.

Here’s Another  5 health benefits when you blend and cucumber, banana, and lemon.

Welcome everyone, today I will be sharing with you the health benefits for every man when you mix cucumber, banana, and lemon. It’s a very important secret every man needs to practice.

What happens when you mix cucumber, banana, and lemon?

Ways of preparing them.

– cut the three fruits into pieces, slice them well.

– get your blender and grind them together.

– sieve and stair in a clean cup. Now it’s ready for consumption.

For those who want to serve it hot, after blending you turn it into a pot, put it into a fire for 5 mins.

Here are 5 health befits you get when you practice them.

1) It reduces and burns alot of fat in the body, the constant taking of this will help you eradicate fats.

2) It also enhances male organ effectiveness. This is a very crucial secret, try and practice it often for better results.

3) For those with an ulcer, it helps cure your ulcer and reduces the pains.

4) It also gives stamina during any physical performance.

5) it’s an important secret for male fertility and impotence.

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