Mehek update Sunday 10 January 2021 Zee world

Mehek 10 January 2021: Mahek looks at Shaurya and says he is that same guy. I have to take old revenge from him. I will beat him and show him that girls can be part of the ring too. Yuvraj comes to Shaurya and says how are you? Take care of your health. Swati says to sarti why did coach not tell Mahek that Shaurya saved mahek from being suspended? She says coach will tell him when its needed.

Shaurya says baba you here suddenly? Yuvraj says this is your last championship in the college It will take you to college level. I have purchased a banglow in the Dehli. You can live there. shaurya says but I was okay in hostel. Yuvraj says you have to shift next week. That’s final. I am giving more donation in your college. Facilities should be really good so you can play better.
Yuvraj comes to shaurya’s principal. He says your gym is not renovated yet. She says it will be renovated very soon. Shaurya says I have to practice. He leaves.

Mehek update Sunday 10 January 2021: Mahek practices with coach. Shaurya sees in. He says how should i go in and talk. I can’t talk in front of coach. He asks a girl to help. She goes in and says sir you have a call. He goes out. shaurya comes in. Mahek picks her floor. She collides with him. Mahek says can’t you see? She punches him it stomach. He says relax listen. She says i dont’ wanna listen. They fall down. Shaurya says whats your problem? I came here to say sorry. Rohit did all that happened with you. I am sorry for all that happened. Trust me it wont happen again. Mahek shoves him and says you are not worth it. Keep your sorry to yourself. Don’t play these dirty gaames with me. I will answer you in the ring tomorrow.
Karan brings yuvraj on the door. He says uncle this is the girl I was talking about. She can give touch competition to shaurya.

Mahek tries to sleep but she can’t. Shaurya thinks about Mahek. He says she is just like she was in childhood.

Yuvraj says to Shaurya are you ready? I want you to win. I am a failed boxer tot he work. I couldn’t play for the country but you will. You have everything a champ should have. Never get into everything. One breaking news can ruin your career. I know you will bring your attention to boxing only. I want to see you as a champion.
Yuvraj says to Shaurya will you win it? He says yes. Yuvraj hugs him.
Sarti and swati wish Mahek luck. Coach says Mahek you will win it today.

The matches start. Coach says to Mahek this is your chance. yuvraj says I have complains. how can this girl join in mid season? If she has to join she has to fight Shaurya. She can’t qualify. Committee says yes it is right. Mahek and Shaurya come in the ring.

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