Man narrates how the marriage list his friend was given contains 84 crates of beer

A Nigerian man laments over the marriage list given to his friend after the friend visited his girlfriends family for her hand in marriage

According to him, marriage has become so expensive that everyone wants to many some benefits out of it.

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He continued that, marriage list given to his friend has been so exaggerated to the point that, the family demands 84 crates of beer aside other things.

In a tweet, he said

My guy jelu weta marriage list na be ndi ọgọ ya n’Udi and the total number of beer in the list is 84 crates.WTF is the village/ụmụnna doing with 84 crates? We ain’t talking about stuff that’s totally alien to our beautiful culture that’s in the list.

Source: Ghgossip

Source: Ghgosip

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