Majah Hype’s Ex Says He Leaked Her Sex Tape As Revenge For Abuse Allegations (Video/Photos)

The angry lady says the famed comedian is only on personal vendetta she made known the details of his abuse to here. She also said he faked his heart attack a week ago for sympathy, and after coming out of the hospital, he crashed into her car and pulled a gun on her. To this end, she berated him for lying to the general public to ‘score cheap points.’

“You should be ashamed for faking a heart attack and looking for sympathy,” she called him out. She also said he broke her phone, which had pictures of the bruises on her face caused by him. “Now you’ve gone through my phone, my old phone and digging up old stuff and releasing it to people, when does this stop? When do you take accountability,” she questioned.

She also alleges that Majah Hype pulled a gun on her, “you didn’t’ have no heart attack. Stop looking for sympathy and own your sh*t, I didn’t post my black eye, you put me in the hospital… coming up to the end of it, you tried to killed me. You pulled a gun on me. You pulled out a gun on me and then looking for sympathy turned around and cut yourself in front of my face, start slicing open your arm in front of my face. It’s a game that you playing and I’m not playing. This is my life that you’re playing with and trying to ruin me.”

She said that the motive for putting out the sex tape was to show that she was cheating on him to justify his actions. However, she said she has a son even if she had cheated on him, there is no excuse for him trying to destroy her. “Send the sex tape wherever you want. You still have to get up and look in the mirror. You still have to fight your demons but you can try to break me down.”


Source: Ghgosip

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