Look beyond obstacles

Look beyond obstacles

Not all obstacles are bad. Opportunities are obstacles in disguise. You will always meet obstacles on the road to your success.


No one is immune to problem. Apostle Paul said we are pressed on every side by troubles but not crushed and broken, we are perplexed because we don’t know why things happens as they do but we dont give up and quit. We are knocked down but we get up and keep going.


Naturally people like to be positive than being negative. A pastor asked his congregation that how many of you like problem no one answered him, he later asked how many of you wants to be over-comer? All members raised their hands. The pastor said all of you wants to be a winner without battles. In the midst of every trial there is growth and promotion. That is why students have to do examination before they are being promoted.


Obstacles can be temporary but only you can stop yourself. You’re the determinant. Your life will be much more productive if you just understand that obstacles are part of life

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